An individualized program that keeps your best from burning out.



Teacher burnout costs more than $7.3 billion per year. What’s more, adult burnout has a negative impact on kids.


Some teachers do not burn out or leave their jobs; indeed, they excel in their profession and find great fulfillment in it.


When the work is hard, the expectations are high and the stakes are even higher, burnout is a risk. Most programs focus on reducing stress or reducing demands. Instead, we focus on managing the psychological state of burnout and growing its opposite.

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Julia King Pool, Founder & CEO of Burn-in Mindset

  • 2013 DC Teacher of the Year

  • Sue Lehmann Excellence in Teaching Award, TFA ‘08 | Gary, Indiana

  • Decade of experience as a teacher and a principal working in traditional public and public - charter schools

  • Faculty, University of Pennsylvania | Master of Applied Positive Psychology program


Burn-in Mindset will help the best stay gritty!”

- Angela Duckworth


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