The Need

We specialize in helping schools keep their best from burning out. Why? 50% of teachers leave within the first five years. Most principals last only three. Burnout contributes to this crisis, which robs professionals of chosen careers and students of experienced teachers. But it doesn’t have to be this way.


The Goal

In schools that demonstrate continuity and consistent excellence, there is strong leadership provided by the principal and a core of top teachers. Day-to-day work life is emotionally sustainable and reflected in dependable student achievement. The healthy faculty has the resilience to meet unexpected challenges and does not burnout. Adults model positive attitudes and behaviors throughout the school community.


The Program

Burn-in Mindset outlines the skills associated with achieving this goal. Our program invites principals and five of their teachers to participate in one-on-one consulting and individualized coaching. Each stakeholder participates in directed practice shaped by positive psychology. The Burn-in Mindset participants become a team of expert early-adopters who model desired behaviors for their colleagues. They are also coached on holding one another accountable. Scheduling is flexible to accommodate time constraints.


The Experience

In each session participants learn the research and practice evidence-based skills that will help them to build a Burn-in Mindset.