“A better teacher and a better person.”

I’ve attended many a work-life-balance training. They’re often a flash in the pan inspiration. Meanwhile, the Burn-in Mindset program has really stuck with me. I feel like a better teacher and a better person.

— Emily Bisso, Teacher at KIPP NOLA

.“I continue to be blown away by the work Julia does.”

This program helps with the retention of our most experienced teachers. By focusing on how to stay “burned-in” .I saw my teachers enjoy their classrooms, their students, and their life outside of work at a higher level. I continue to be blown away by the work Julia does.

— Diana Filo, Principal at KIPP West Philadelphia

“I’m so glad that Burn-in Mindset exists.”

I’m so glad that Burn-In Mindset exists. They are giving teachers who should stay, the tools to do so. After our calls, I’m reminded and motivated to monitor my well-being while attacking my to-do list.

— Cassy Charyn, Executive Director of Reading Partners in Seattle

BIM made me feel heard and valued. I’m grateful that my school was willing to support me though this program. It is such a cool feeling to notice growth and change over these last four weeks. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to become better at what I do.
— Claire Mancini, Teacher at Castilleja School


Burn-in Mindset is based on a truly brilliant capstone. As their advisor, I think their research needs to be shared with the world. I was constantly impressed by Julia and Sophia’s alacrity, organization skills, and writing style. Burn-in Mindset will help the best stay gritty.

— Angela Duckworth, PhD, author of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance and founder and CEO of the Character Lab

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“Helps me process it all.”

Back when I was a teacher, I dealt with burnout, but I didn’t know the depth of my problem or how it was impacting me. I talked to some veteran teachers but wasn’t mature enough to get help. I wish I had a resource - like Burn-in Mindset - to help me process it all. I’m wise enough now to gain insight from the research and build skills with an expert. I want this because I know it’s needed. 

— Zach Samson, Area Superintendent for Green Dot Public Schools Tennesee

“A highlight of the entire conference.”

Julia co-chaired a five day conference for Teachers of the Year from around the country. Several hundred educators attended. The strengths session that she led was listed by many as a highlight of the entire conference.

— Katherine Basset, former CEO of National Network of State Teachers of the Year and 2000 New Jersey Teacher of the Year


“Julia is an exemplar of energy, optimism, and self-efficacy.”

First, I was impressed by Julia's dissertation, where she experimentally identified protective factors against teachers' burnout, a theory she and her colleague, Sophia, aptly named "burn-in". I then had an opportunity to work with her, and found that she is an exemplar of those 3 factors: energy, optimism, and self-efficacy. More specifically, Julia consulted with CharacterLab and helped us pilot an intervention to foster teacher- student relationships; her insights were instrumental in shaping the finished product. We are so looking forward to working more with her because her unique combination of skills (research know-how, expertise in education, and emotional intelligence) makes her contributions extremely valuable. 

—Paolo Terni, PhD, Senior Scientist at the Character Lab

I loved learning the formal language and research in the science of well-being. I also really enjoyed working with Julia because I got so much out of the collaborative nature of everything I was learning. The dialogue piece of the coaching was, for me, an essential part of the process.
— Eliza Foster, Coach & Teacher at Lawrence Academy

“No teacher is immune to burnout.”

No teacher is immune to burnout. That includes outdoor educators and summer camp staff. The Burn-in Mindset Program has informed how we talk about and think about keeping our team engaged throughout the entire school year and summer.  

Peter Rice III, Senior Educator at Echo Hill Outdoor School and Associate Director of Echo Hill Camp

Each conversation with Julia left me feeling calmer, more in control, and more positive about my interactions with my students AND coworkers.
— Julie Blyman, Teacher at Radcliffe Creek School
I felt I had “won” something when I was selected for BIM and I looked forward to each call. It was great timing as well to have an opportunity to feel so renewed just as the semester ramped up in December.
— Christy Story, 9th grade Dean at Castilleja School


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